When a coating fails, the chances are it is not the coating that is at fault - but the application process. There are so many variables in applying coatings that can lead to failure. This is often unintentional and the purpose of this section is not to cast blame, but to explain what can go wrong and how to put it right.

Following are the most common complaints nonstick coating manufacturers have to address with coaters and manufacturers, illustrated with enlarged photographs to show the problem clearly. Each complaint is covered in three parts

  1. Apperance: what the problem looks like.
  2. Probable cause of the problem.
  3. Suggested Solutions.

If you or your vendors/coaters experience any of these problems with your application, contact your coating manufacturer for assistance. Some coating manufacturers even have support programs, such as free testing of the coating and how it is applied, that can help prevent problems early on, saving time and money.

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以下列出涂佈工厂常遇到的问题。 每一种情况都配有放大图片以便清晰展示,且都涵盖以下之点:

  1. 现象
  2. 可能引致问题的成因
  3. 建议解决方案


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